The scientific director of the Center for Cosmos Connections was asked to help a young man suffering from gambling addiction. In the apartment where this person lived a servant of Lucifer was photographed. We asked the Archintelligent God, Curator of Field 6 Zet Nefchukht to give us information about this image. He said the following:

“In the picture there is the servant of Lucifer working with earthlings. The content of the work is seducing. If a human lives his life incorrectly, a tempter is sent to him. He works until the person realizes that something is wrong with him and starts thinking about his way of life. Then the temptation stops and teaching servants start working with the earthling. Teaching takes some time. If the person fails to understand, temptation begins anew. And so it goes on until the person realizes everything. Very often one life, one life process on Earth is not sufficient. A servant of Lucifer is sent at the Behest of Father God.”