We asked the Archintelligent God, Curator of Field 6 Zet Nefchukht to give us information about this image.

The picture represents a terrestrial sinner. She must be punished for the bad things she has done and a servant from Lucifer’s service is sent to her for punishment. The magical exorcisms used by this contactee to jinx people come back to her in a powerful flow, prevent her from sleeping well and leading a healthy life. The fact that she is punished for the bad things she’s done is confirmed by the presence of a black cat used by black magicians in their work because it can attract malicious Spirits. The cat used for the ritual must be black.
According to the degree of the accumulated evil Lucifer sends punishing servants beginning from the Senior Hierarchical Staircase and ending with a small servant. In the picture on the left there is one of the servants sent to punish the woman. After he finishes the punishment, he will come back to the head of his service with a report. Then the report is transmitted to Lucifer. He makes a conclusion if the punishment is sufficient or not. If the punishment achieves the desired result, the servant who is responsible for it gets promoted. Servants are eager to perform the punishing function to make a person do the right thing. Curator of the 6 Zet Field, Archintelligent God Nefhchuht.