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Questions Sent to Us for Expert Examination


You have the opportunity to ask a question to the Highest and to get an answer. I would like to ask you for help, could you please explain: is there anything sinful in the homosexual Love and if these is, what is it exactly?!
Does this Love break the Laws of Mokayad? No man was able to give a reasonable answer to this question. Many people do nothing but frighten and judge…
I have been working on my Soul for a long time. Yet sometimes it gets hard. Also because I am very lonely, because I am Gay…
But I do not seek only sexual satisfaction! That’s why I do not strive for never-ending and chaotic change of partners. I need to find the one and only Friend with whom I could continue my Life going towards the Truth together. But I feel that I have to manage to control myself subconsciously. What am I doing if I forbid myself to hope to meet a Friend and a Lover even in my thoughts? What is it: an attempt to avoid the Sin and vicious desires? Or is it a treachery and a killing of these aspirations that are inserted inside the Soul like a program?
“Am I a trembling animal or do I have the right” to be happy with a beloved person, don’t I? I am not looking for indulgency. I am looking for an answer from the Highest: is it a sin from their point of view? And if yes, then why? I am learning and trying not to break the Laws of Mokayad… Even though it is not always possible, to my great regret. At the end of 2006, failing to pull myself together and succumbing to fear, I killed one of the rats that had appeared in the basement of our house... I realize that my phobia of rats and cockroaches should not have been in my Soul and should not have guided me, but it has the right to be free – as love, but now I am not always able to let go of this and other fears... And probably this moment is more important than my hidden desire to find a Beloved person, and yet... What should I do in order to develop the Strength of Soul, not to give in to temptations and to learn how to distinguish the Sin from a need of the body and soul?..
I would like to apologize once again for such a “preparation” of the wounds of the Soul and states of mind! I understood immediately one thing: if I don’t start freeing my Soul immediately from the cicatrices and scars that have not healed yet, the Soul won’t be able to develop to the full extent! Yes, it may be painful in all senses, but if we learn to be honest with ourselves (because God can see through us as it is – with all our "bowels" and "scab"), then through such moments of communication with the friend we probably get the opportunity to better and more thoroughly continue the process of healing our Souls?..
Sincerely and with great respect!

“Khach won’t speak too long on this topic. The homosexual love does not break the Laws of Mokayad (the Intelligent Universe). Khach cannot call this love a sin, either. Relationships of this kind do not involve the Soul. The Soul can be pure if its carrier does not contaminate it with bad thoughts and actions. I would also like to say that the killing of the rat is unlikely to have anything to do with the darkness of the Soul.

The point is that the homosexual love appears when the genetic code has problems. An ordinary genetic code makes people feel attraction towards the opposite sex as a natural desire of procreation. The code of homosexual people is modified. It would be extremely hastily to accuse such representatives of Mother Earth, since it is not a perversity but rather the norm of their being. And one should know that the modified gene can manifest itself after many generations along the maternal or paternal line.

And in this case Khach would like to remind you the following saying: “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged”. It would happen even in times long gone that brothers married their sisters and vice versa and this mixing of blood would lead to the birth of individuals with a modified gene. And earthlings do not have the right to judge those individuals who have an unusual sexual orientation”.