“Purifying and curative properties of the stones used by the members of the Center for Cosmos Connection”.
Minerals contain an immense power – they can cure the Spirit and heal the body. The “lifeless” nature around us in reality is alive; it lives and develops, changes according to definite laws and it is impossible to separate minerals from the rest of the world that surrounds us. Almost all ancient peoples cured with the help of minerals. They thought that stones have miraculous power, protect from malicious Spirits and bring luck and health. It has already been discovered that almost all minerals can produce certain biologically active impact. In the modern medicine there is a special field called crystal therapy. US doctors have been successfully searching for the reasons and characteristics of the influence that minerals have on humans. A number of medical centers for crystals research in America and Europe are already preparing specialists who can work in the field of lithotherapy (per oral treatment with powder minerals). Over 500 American and German doctors use precious and semiprecious stones in their work. This method must be taken into consideration by all means in our complicated life full of stress. In the oriental countries treatment with minerals has always been popular. In Japan pills with pearls are used to treat certain nervous diseases. Minerals are widely used in homeopathy. Electromagnetic biopotentials radiated by crystals are the curative factor that helps the body to heal. Stones can help to restore the integrity of a person’s energy cocoon, normalize the functioning of chakras and clean the body from negative energies.

This stone frees the House of Soul and the brain of the contactee from the negative.
The information has been provided by the Archintelligent God Nefhchuht.